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NHL Re-Draft: First round update

Note: This "re-draft" is for fantasy purposes only. For more information, visit Cycle Like The Sedins or the official NHL Re-Draft message boards.

The first round is slowly moving forward as we are still working out some of the kinks in an exercise that no one has ever done like this before. Cycle Like The Sedins has done an incredible job coordinating the efforts of 30 blogs and websites, launching a forum and message board for the draft, and trying to find some way to regulate it all.

Once we've got everything settled we'll have a set schedule for the draft. For now, here are the current results of the draft:

1. Alex Ovechkin Calgary Flames
2. Sidney Crosby Vancouver Canucks
3. Henrik Lundqvist Tampa Bay Lightning
4. Evgeni Malkin Dallas Stars
5. Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks
6. Nicklas Lidstrom New York Islanders
7. Pavel Datsyuk Philadelphia Flyers
8. Zach Parise Edmonton Oilers
9. Ryan Getzlaf Nashville Predators
10. Vincent Lecavalier Atlanta Thrashers
11. Roberto Luongo St. Louis Blues
12. Mike Green Phoenix Coyotes
13. Ilya Kovalchuk Pittsburgh Penguins


I also saw a bunch of you guys talking about working together to figure out our strategy moving forward, which is awesome because this is a community exercise for Defending Big D. If you do want to do something like that in more detail, feel free to create a FanPost to discuss which direction we should go with our next pick.