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NHL Re-Draft: Forward, Defensemen or Goalie?

So I've been fairly surprised by the positive response to this NHL Re-Draft that Cycle Like The Sedins is having and I may give this some more attention here at the site, especially surrounding the first round pick. The Dallas Stars are being represented by Defending Big D, so I'm going to go with community consensus for any decisions that go up for a vote.

Yesterday I asked who should the Stars pick with the #4 selection and the overwhelming consensus was for Pavel Datsyuk (with Rick Nash getting a big push as well). But there were some interesting opinions out there that perhaps we should take advantage of our position and grab the best goaltender available, or perhaps the top defensemen.

Here are the facts to remember when making this decision:

  • The draft is in snake format (#1-30, #30-1, etc)
  • There is no trading up or down.
  • This is a team built to win in a full season simulated on NHL 10
  • There will also be an independent panel evaluating each final team, so it's not just about top numbers it's also about the best overall team.
  • We have to consider what type of team we want to build.
  • There is a salary cap of $57 million.
  • NHL free agents are up for grabs, using a rounded down total of their 2008 salary ($4.8 mil becomes $4 million).
  • Players under international contract (KHL, Swedish Elite, etc) are not available.

So which way should we go? Should we choose the next best player available? Is getting the best goaltender the top priority? Remember, there will be 60 selections between our first pick and second pick.

#1 overall has already been picked, so our selection should come soon.