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Re-Drafting the NHL: Having some fun in the long summer months

Our good friends at Cycle Like The Sedins are always looking for new ways to have some fun, especially when it involves the participation of as many other blogs as possible. Over the past several months Defending Big D has taken part in some of their "events", and it's always a fun way to see how others view their team in an open forum.

This time, I think they might have outdone themselves.

Their latest idea started as a conversation surrounding who would you build a NHL team around, if you had your choice of any player in the league. This was meant to apply mostly to video games, such as the highly-anticipated NHL 10. Out of that idea came the interesting notion of having a complete re-draft of the NHL: each team would "draft" any player they wanted to that is currently active in the NHL, starting with a completely blank slate.

With the participation of 30 blogs and websites, CLTS will be doing just that. They will be heading up a massive "Re-Draft" of the NHL, with each team drafting a full roster of players in the ultimate Fantasy Sports Draft. Defending Big D will be acting as the G.M. of the Dallas Stars. Using a lottery based system, the Stars have secured the 4th overall pick. The draft will be held on a message board according to a preset schedule that is still to be determined.

You find the message board here, if you're interested in following along. I won't be updating this site with each pick, but I'll probably give an update every 5 rounds or so. We're hoping to complete this draft by the time the season starts (that's 30 teams and 23 rounds each, by the way).

I'll most likely find myself biased towards some Stars players, but it will be interesting to see how the team all turn out completely different than they are now.

Right now, the plan is to determine which team drafted the best by using a simulation in NHL 10.