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Dallas Stars ranked No. 22 in ESPN's Ultimate Standings

ESPN ranked all 122 sports franchises in value to the fans.

Each year ESPN the Magazine ranks all professional sports franchises between the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL to determine which teams give the most value for the hard earned dollars spent by the fans. They used a combination of on-site surveys, online questionnaires and worked with the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon to determine "how efficiently teams convert dollars from fans into on-field wins (regular- and postseason)."

The Dallas Stars were ranked 22nd among all franchises, behind the power of last season's excellent effort by the team in fan relations. Dave Tippett received the highest marks among Dallas coaches, and Wade Phillips came up last.

The Stars ranked highest of all Dallas sports team with the Stars at No. 22; Mavericks No. 46, Rangers No. 48 and Cowboys No. 76. The Stars were steady at 22 after holding the same spot last season. The Mavericks fell from No. 19 and the Rangers made a big jump.

Several SBN Hockey writers were quoted by ESPN for the rankings, including Second City Hockey (Chicago, No. 21), Hockey Wilderness (Minnesota, No. 66) and Canes Country (Carolina, No. 2).

Follow the jump for the full rankings for each Dallas team.

Stars: No. 22

Last Year's Rank: 22
Title Track: 24
Ownership: 41
Coaching: 43
Players: 30
Fan Relations: 39
Affordability: 55
Stadium Experience: 40
Bang for the Buck: 25

Seven years after the Stars abandoned Reunion Arena, the American Airlines Center turned into reunion central, thanks to what the marketing division called the Season of Celebrations. In 2008-09, Dallas puckheads, and not just the renowned Havoc Fanatics of Section 322, partied like it was 1993. They witnessed pregame face-off drops from inaugural team immortals like Andy Moog, Shane Churla and Neal Broten. They were treated to $15 upper-level tickets in February (in honor of the team's 15th year in town) that normally would have gone for as much as $33. Season ticket-holders were swagged with commemorative two-DVD sets that in part celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Stars' Stanley Cup run. True, the injury-plagued home team stumbled to its first sub-90-point season in more than a decade, and fan favorite Marty Turco may be showing his age in goal. But at least when games are boring, fans still flip on the radio or TV to be entertained by Ralph and Razor. The duo is one of only two simulcast squads remaining in major pro sports (the Sabres have the other) and is hugely popular. At the team's preseason Icebreaker, at the Galleria, the crowd they drew was second only to Star-for-life Mike Modano's.

Mavericks: No. 46

Last Year's Rank:
Title Track: 72
Ownership: 33
Coaching: 62
Players: 57
Fan Relations: 52
Affordability: 43
Stadium Experience: 23
Bang for the Buck: 58

Rangers: No. 48

Last Year's Rank: 90
Title Track: 105
Ownership: 80
Coaching: 82
Players: 29
Fan Relations: 48
Affordability: 34
Stadium Experience: 46
Bang for the Buck: 32

Cowboys: No. 76

Last Year's Rank: 46
Title Track: 31
Ownership: 67
Coaching: 113
Players: 87
Fan Relations: 110
Affordability: 107
Stadium Experience: 43
Bang for the Buck: 31