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Counting the Stars - Number 47

Every day leading up to training camp Defending Big D will count down the greatest players in franchise history (both Dallas and Minnesota), based on the sweater number they wore. Starting with the highest numbers, where most were only worn by one player, we'll finish up with what should be some great debates. Keep coming back every day for a look at who's the best in Stars history.

#47 - Aaron Downey

Never has one player gained such a fan following over one single punch...


I have friends that still wax poetic over that fight punch and long for the return of Aaron to the Stars based on that one fight.

His two years with the Stars otherwise was very mundane.  A total of 2 goals, 2 assists and 146 penalty minutes in 80 games with the Stars from 2002 to 2004. But of course he wasn't brought in to be an every day player nor a goal scorer, he was with the Stars to bring the fisticuffs and after the jump you'll see two more of his better fights when he was wearing Dallas colors.

Downey vs Peters - Oct 13, 2003


Downey vs Fedoruk - December 18. 2002