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Defending Big D's Summer Contest: What's your favorite moment?

Each week, we normally use Friday evenings to cover some of the most memorable moments in Dallas Stars history. This week, as I was attempting to come up with the next big moment to showcase, I figured why not lay out a challenge for the faithful readers of Defending Big D?

The Contest:

Tell us what your favorite moment is in Dallas Stars history. However, you may not use any moment, play, or game from the 1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are just too many great memories from those playoffs, it would be too easy to come up with one from those magical two months.

Don't just list a single play, with a single sentence saying who scored and when. Give us the details on why this is your favorite moment in Stars history, and what made it so memorable to you as a fan. We here at Defending Big D will pick out what we think are top five entries and next week we'll have a vote. The winning entry will receive a Stars related prize and will be featured in a Friday Favorites in the near future.

Remember: This is a contest not on the top moment, but the entry that can best explain what this meant to you as a fan and why it meant so much in Dallas Stars history.

Entries must be received, in comment form in this post, no later than 8am Monday, July 20th.