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Defending Big D gears up for the months ahead

It was a slow weekend both in the Dallas Stars world and here at Defending Big D. After the craziness of the front office changes, the coaching change, the draft and free agency things have really started to calm down. Hockey fans are about to enter the darkest time of the year: mid-July to late August. Not much news happening, no big transactions to talk about and we're left alone to try and fill the void as training camp approaches (61 days remaining, by the way).

Defending Big D is going to shift into offseason mode starting tomorrow, when we start to bring you some original material that should generate some good debate by Stars fans. We'll have historical retrospectives, in-depth player profiles, a breakdown of each of the Stars prospects and some surprises along the way. As you may have noticed, Stargazing will appear on Mondays and Thursdays from now until the preseason starts. Starting in September, Stargazing will become a daily feature on the site (I know that I really enjoy the job Brad_G has done with Stargazing).

For those of you with Facebook, Defending Big D has it's own page at If that URL seems a bit much, we're hoping to change it as soon we get 100 fans. So if you have a Facebook account, become a fan by joining up at the DBD page. We'll be doing more with the DBD Facebook page soon, and it's a great way to network and get to know fellow Stars fans and DBD members.

Defending Big D is also on Twitter. You can follow the official DBD Twitter feed at http://www.twitter.comDefendingBigD. We've gained a lot of followers the past few months, but we'd like to continue to add more as we gear up for the season. . If you have your own Twitter account you can ‘Retweet' our posts by hitting that button at the bottom of most posts. Feel free to retweet anytime.

You can also follow Art_M at; and Brandon Bibb at Twitter has become a hotbed for breaking hockey news and great sports talk; if you haven't jumped on board with Twitter, there's no better time like the present.

Once again, I'd like to personally welcome any readers or members that have found our site recently and I hope you find our coverage of the Dallas Stars enjoyable, entertaining and informative. I'd like to invite those of you who are regular readers to join and jump in on the conversation. We're growing as a community daily but the real strength of this website comes from the input you as a member decide to give. Write a FanPost, such as Jodoco's discussion on whether Trevor Daley should become a forward. If you see breaking news, a good video or a great quote you want to share, put it in a FanShot. If we something that's well written and deserves recognition, we'll promote it to the front page.

As always, you can reach us directly by email at We are always open to suggestions and comments about how we can best improve our coverage to provide the best Dallas Stars fan community we can.