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Ever Wondered Just HOW the Dallas Stars Work Out?

As is part of my normal routine, I tuned into the Train Station Fitness Show with George DeJohn on The Ticket this morning and noticed he had the Dallas Stars Strength and Conditioning coach J.J. McQueen on as a guest. Apparently the two worked out this week.

But that's not what I decided to particularly blog about.

Burst Train (via 21daybodymakeover)

I do have to give the video a bit of a thumbs down for playing Gavin Rossdale's lovey dovey crap on the radio in the background. But otherwise, quite informative if you're into working out like I've just gotten into or if you just wanted to know what kind of workouts that J.J. puts the boys through.

Stephane Robidas was one of the subjects J.J. put the whip to, BTW.