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Filed under: 1999 retrospective: WCQF Game 3 continues it's absolutely outstanding 1999 Stanley Cup playoffs retrospective, today featuring game three between the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers. The Stars went into Skyreach Centre with a 2-0 series lead, and the Oilers were determined to push back in front of the home crowd. The Stars withstood two periods of the Edmonton onslaught (which included two goals that were called back), and were only down 0-2 heading into the third period thanks to several gargantuan saves by Eddie Belfour. The Stars then found life, scoring three times in a six minute span and took the lead off a blistering Joe Nieuwendyk wrist shot. Dallas hung on, winning 3-2 and taking a commanding 3-0 series lead.

Remember to check out's full feature for pre-game and postgame features, and links to the original Dallas Morning News coverage.

Some quick thoughts on the game:

  • This game is a perfect example of just how stupid the old "no part of a skater's body shall be in the crease before the puck" rule was. The Oilers had two goals called back because of this rule, when neither time the toe of the skate had any interference on the goalie at all. And because this happened so many times, because the skate in the crease rule was beaten into the heads of every single hockey fan in those years, that's why there is still so much consternation over Brett Hull's Cup-winning goal.
  • Watching these extended highlights makes me realize just how much the game of hockey has changed in just ten years. This is a subject that is really occupying my mind right now, so perhaps I'll expand on it on a later post.
  • I had forgotten just how insane Nieuwendyk's wrist shot was. One of the best ever. The best?
  • Remember Brad Luckowich?