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2009 NHL Draft: Welcome to Day 2


Today we have rounds two through seven, with live coverage starting at 10am EST on NHL Network.

I'm going to do things a bit differently today. With the Stars having five picks scattered throughout six rounds, I'm going to post updates throughout the day for each player selected. If there is any big news to report, that will go up as well. Feel free to treat each post as a running thread for the second day of the draft. I'll be up and down from my computer most of the day, since I'm expecting to get more opportunities to talk to players and team personnel on a typically slower day than what it was last night.

Here is the schedule for today:

Round 2; 38th overall
Round 3; 69th overall
Round 5; 128th overall
Round 6; 158th overall
Round 7: 189th overall

The best of the rest:

With the Stars deciding to go for a skilled forward in the first round, expect to see them go after a number of talented defensemen that are still available in the early second round. Here's a look at the best of the players still on the board:

Stefan Elliot, D (6-0, 186 lbs; 18 yrs old) - Good puck moving defenseman who has an aversion for contact

Charles Olivier- Roussel, D (6-1, 203; 17 yrs old) - Complete two way player, great offensive skill; youngest player in the draft.

Jeremy Morin, LW (6-0, 193; 18 yrs old) - Power forward with great size and loves physical play, with great offensive skill.

Eric Gelinas, D (6-3, 185; 18 yrs old) - Big defenseman who has big offensive potential.

Carl Klingberg, RW (6-3, 204; 18 yrs old) - Big gritty forward who craves contact and making things happen off the forecheck.

William Wrenn, D (6-1, 195; 18 yrs old) - Smart two-way defenseman who is a born leader. Captain of the U.S. U-18 Development Team.

Landon Ferraro, C (5-11, 172; 17 yrs old) - Great goal scorer with excellent accuracy and good hockey intelligence.

Zach Budish, RW (6-4, 220; 18 yrs old) - Hasn't played in over a year due to injury, but team's love his size and what he showed as a player in high school

Joonas Nattinen, C (6-2, 177, 18 yrs old) - Power forward who loves to get physical along the boards; good size and loves the big hit.