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2009 NHL Draft: First Round Recap

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Round 1 is in the books and as you know by now, the Dallas Stars selected Scott Glennie of the WHL Brandon Wheat Kings in the eight spot. The Ducks traded Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer made a decision on next season, the (almost) drama of the first pick was revealed, and the Bruins and Leafs need to go to couples therapy because they can't communicate.

With little time to waste until the second round starts this morning, let's see what they're saying around the web about Scott Glennie.

The Winnipeg Sun introduces Glennie and teammate (now a Los Angeles King) Brayden Schenn:

"He was mislabelled earlier in the year as perhaps being only a finisher for Brayden Schenn. Yet Scott took matters into his own hands with an equal number of goals and assists and contributed greatly this season with a power forward type attitude," said McGuire. "Glennie might remind the fan of NHL players with power forward abilities coming off the wall like Jonathan Cheechoo and Jonathan Toews -- that kind of offensive ability."

Pegasus news comments on Glennie:

Scouts marveled at the 18 year old's work ethic and willingness to go into the corners and the heavy spots on the ice. Glennie is also an excellent playmaker, a great passer and shooter but needs to improve his defensive game and physical strength.

If you were like us, you were a bit bamboozled when Glennie's name was called. Mike Heika offers insight on why Dallas passed on Paajarvi-Svensson and Kulikov:

Tim Bernhardt, the Stars director of amateur scouting, said he was very comfortable taking Scott Glennie at eighth overall (the highest the Stars have picked since taking Richard Jackman).


Cowen had the knee issue, Paajarvi-Svensson had questions about work ethic and Kulikov had questions about whether he might flee to the KHL.

So there's speculation out there that the Stars were playing it safe and had questions regarding those other players. Others speculate that Glennie is a Marc Crawford kind of guy; A harbinger of the kind of team Nieuwendyk wants to construct going forward. Then again, maybe they just really like him. What do you think?

Around the Pacific:

Around the NHL:


And oh yeah, Scott Glennie's not afraid to mix it up either!


Stay tuned for 2nd-7th round coverage live from Montreal from our very own Brandon Worley.