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Live at the NHL Draft: Who do you think the Dallas Stars should pick?

Defending Big D has arrived at the Bell Centre, which is understandably quiet and a bit empty at this point. There's a few members of the media here (I'll be next to Falconer18 from Bird Watcher's all day), and I'm a few seats down Kyle Woodlief of the Red Line Report and Craig Custance from The Sporting News. Both great guys whom I'm looking forward to doing a bit of brain picking later this afternoon.

We're expecting the team's officials to start showing up around 5pm EST, so we've got a ways to go before we start seeing anything of substance start happening.

The Dallas Stars have their highest draft pick since 1996, and will have their choice from a very good selection of players in a deep first round.

Here is your chance to weigh in on who you think the Stars should pick, and whether Dallas should go for the best player available or at least keep in mind the needs of the organization.