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Defending Big D's plan for this weekend's NHL Draft

We are finally just a few days away. On Friday, the Dallas Stars will start perhaps the most important draft in the history of the franchise since moving to Texas. A new General Manager, a new coach and new attitude and direction for the team will be kicked off with the team's first top ten pick since 1996.

Defending Big D will be covering the draft live in Montreal, starting tomorrow night. I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know what the *tentative* plan for this weekend will be on the site, so that you may plan accordingly.

To begin with, the first round of the draft will be held Friday, June 26 (7 p.m. ET, VERSUS). Rounds 2-7 will be Saturday, June 27 (10 a.m. ET). We will have live threads up for each round of the draft, and I will be updating the site regularly with the news as it happens.

I want to take the opportunity to HIGHLY encourage those of you lurking and reading (I know you're there!) to jump in on the conversation and take part in the discussion. This is especially true for the draft day threads. The most exciting part of the draft is being able to speculate with fellow fans about who the Stars might take, what moves might be made and immediate reaction to what players the Stars do eventually pick.

I'll also be updating the sites with quotes, interviews and behind-the-scenes nuggets. Hopefully I'll get some great audio to upload for your listening pleasure, and I might be able to get some great pics as well. This weekend the focus will primarily be on the draft, but next week I'll post on my personal experiences at the draft and in Montreal.

For those of you new to the site that might be hesitant to comment or write up a FanPost, here are some good tips:

Defending Big D User Guide

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Notes on Commenting

I look forward to seeimg everyone here starting Friday afternoon, primed and ready to go!