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Stargazing: Countdown to the 2009 NHL Draft continues

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Stargazing is a daily assortment of Dallas Stars news, as well as a look at what's happening around the Pacific division and the rest of the NHL.

With only two days separating us and the first round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft in Montreal, we take a trip around the league for the latest draft news and pause a second more to celebrate our man Brett Hull and his entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Don't forget, starting tomorrow we'll have LIVE coverage of Draft Day from the Bell Center by our very own Brandon Worley.

Logo_dallas_stars_medium weighs in and has the Stars selecting Jared Cowen:

The injury-riddled Stars didn't earn many breaks last season, so maybe it's a small payback from the hockey gods that health concerns drop Cowen into their laps. At 6-5 and 220 pounds, he has the potential to become the dominant physical defenseman they've lacked since the departure of Derian Hatcher. Like Hatcher, Cowen has real leadership skills, but also brings an offensive dimension that the former captain lacked.

Mark at Andrews Stars Page offers you two excellent composite mock drafts, with the Stars taking Oliver Ekman-Larsson in one and Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson in the other. Each weighs the rankings differently so be sure to click on over for a unique look at the art of the mock draft.

After the jump, Why don't we have a street named after The Golden Brett? Mike Modano gets dragged to a fancy dinner party, and how would you feel about Kevin Weekes?

We've covered Brett Hull and the HHOF, but worth a read is the perspective from St. Louis (St Louis Game Time) and here at

St. Louis will remember Hull as one of the most dynamic performers this market has ever seen, in any sport. And, yes, St. Louis was happy for him when he won his Stanley Cups – even though those triumphs came with the Stars and Red Wings.

He was THAT special to St. Louis. Brett Hull became Brett Hull right here in Mound City. So this is a happy day for us, too.

Sometimes we think of Hullie as such a Dallas guy that we forget he was the face of the Blues for a long time, but there's a tinge of bitterness there. I'm glad they can celebrate him too. Truly he belongs to no single team.

Tim Johnson,, opines that teams losing out on the Gustavsson sweepstakes might look at Kevin Weekes:

With his solid play last season, look for Weekes to get a serious look from the teams in need of goaltending that lose in the Jonas Gustavsson sweepstakes.

Does Weekes interest you for twenty starts or so?

And Mike Modano is scheduled to appear at a party celebrating the art of a well designed, furnished home?

Notable guests include NFL star Deion Sanders and wife Pilar, stars of their own reality show, Prime Time Love on the Oxygen network; Dallas Stars' center Mike Modano and his singer/actress wife Willa Ford; and Victor Almeida, CEO of Interceramic, a U.S. and Mexico tile company.

Oh, Mike. I bet you're already itching to get back on that ice.

Around the Pacific:

Around the NHL:

"We are going to be a much more hostile group.

"We will be tougher. I’m not watching this again."

Is it Friday yet?