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Joel Lundqvist signs six-year deal with Frolunda

The Swedish website has reported this weekend that Joel Lundqvist has signed a "unique six-year contract" with Frolunda of the Swedish Elite League. I haven't been able to find this news anywhere else, so I've spent a little while translating the couple of stories that cover his signing.

Basically, he's signed a six-year contract with Frolunda but the financial terms of the contract have not been disclosed. Frolunda General Manager Kent Norberg has refused to comment. There's also a quick mention that the contract is contigent on Lundqvist not signing with an NHL team this summer.

Lundqvist is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. He mentioned to a Swedish television channel earlier this summer that the Stars informed him they will not be offering him a new contract, and that he would most likely return to Sweden to play if he does not sign a contract in the NHL.

One columnist at says that this is a good signing for Frolunda, since Lundqvist will bring good energy and skill to the team. He also mentions that Ulf Dahlen will know how to best utilize him, because of his time coaching with the Stars.

I also went through the comments section and found some interesting reactions. Some were excited about having Lundqvist back in Sweden, while others weren't too happy with the signing since Lundqvist has a history of low scoring numbers and injuries. Hmm. -  Lundqvist överens om unikt kontrakt

Gunnar Nordstrom - "Joel Lundqvist håller NHL-klass"