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Dallas Stars Friday afternoon video

Jonas Gustavsson's visit to Dallas was well documented in this morning's Stargazing, and has posted video of his trip to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington last night, which includes footage of him meeting George W. Bush and throwing out the first pitch. I would say that's a pretty cool night.

And for those of you that have been flying blind and only have the good word and hype to go by with all this fuss over Gustavsson, here's an excellent highlight reel of his career in Sweden.

The biggest news to come out of his trip this week was the debunking of the belief that Gustavsson would choose the team that promised him a starting job as soon as possible. It's great to learn that this isn't true; he understands that there is a learning curve when transitioning from the Swedish Elite to the NHL. He has stated (through his agent) several times this week that he wants to go to the best organization that has the brightest future, not only for him but for the team as well.