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I Had Not Intended to Opine on This

Because I read Art's take on his fine blog, StarsScene, last night and felt he encapsulated all you need to know about the Sidney Crosby handshake controversy. I suggest you do the same.

But then I tuned Pocket Player on my Smartphone to The Ticket since I can't pick up their signal in the fortress I work in. And lo and behold, the Gentle Musers were musing on this very topic.

Now I like listening to Ja/Jub Jub/Georgio and Junior (aka George Dunham and Craig Miller). Especially Junior since he's a fellow Sooner like me.

And also because of the tendency for an Ebrake to occur, just like the one that just happened now at 8:27 when Phil couldn't pull 4th and Long audio from the Enco.

But I digress.

Sometimes one or both of the hosts will say something so insanely dumb that I feel compelled to blog or tweet about it.

Which is what happened when Junior compared the handshake crimes of Lebron James and Sidney Crosby.

Now I'm sure all of our readers know who Lebron is, right? Supposedly the face of the NBA, I guess. Myself, I don't watch the NBA if it doesn't involve the Mavericks because I can't stand how much the league babies it's star players. YMMV, though.

Digressing, again, Lebron bolted for the Cavaliers' lockerroom after Cleveland's season ended several weeks ago in Orlando in a Game 6 loss in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Again, he bolted for the lockerroom. No handshakes, no congratulations for any member of the Orlando Magic organization.

Now how the hell is that not as bad as what Sidney Crosby did?

Furthermore, if Crosby's going to catch flack for not immediately jumping into the handshake line, shouldn't we throw the great and noble captain of the Red Wings under the bus a bit as well?

Which is what this whole faux controversy boils down to.

Yes, you could make the case that Crosby should have joined the handshake line quicker. You could also make the case that Lidstrom could have stayed on the ice an extra 15 seconds to make sure he shook hands and congratulated the captain of the Cup Winning team.

Neither thing happened.

And when these two teams meet, again, during the 2009-10 season, will all remember that as a foot note to what happened during the Cup FInals and all will be forgotten.