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Tidbits from the Dallas Stars press conference

I was hoping that would have the video of the press conference by now, but alas they do not. Instead, we have for you a full menu of tidbits to check out in it's place.

The DMN has a short two minute video of the press conference, found here.

The magic man Mark Stepneski from Andrew's Dallas Stars Page has a good list of quotes from the press conference, such as this one:

Nieuwendyk on how he sees a Joe Nieuwendyk team playing:

"I think with the group of forwards we have here a lot of the onus is going to be on them. You look at Detroit - the way they backcheck and the way they play - their forwards do a lot of the work and allow the game to be relatively simple for the [defense]."

You can find the rest here.

He also has the audio of a gamut of radio interviews:

Joe Nieuwendyk on The Hardline.

Full audio of the press conference.

Bob McKenzie on Joe Nieuwendyk.

Darryl Reaugh with his thoughts on the hiring.

And finally has put together a nice highlight video of Nieuwendyk's time with the Stars.