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Stanley Cup Playoffs Update

I missed both games yesterday.

Well, at least the regulation portion of each game.

I'll just say this about the Washington-Pittsburgh game. The way Simeon Varlamov played, the only goal that was going to beat him was the one that beat him in OT.

A shot from the point that gets deflected.

And the thing is, Varly almost had that one that hit off one of his defensemen in front off the point shot of Kris Letang.

But he didn't, Pittsburgh gets the win and gets back in this series, snapping Washington's post-season winning streak at five games.

Still think the Caps are in good shape. But Pittsburgh certainly has the firepower and the goaltender to fight back in this series, even if they lose Game 4. If only Evgeni Malkin would get going.

As for the Boston-Carolina series...

I really think the Bruins are in trouble now. These last two games have given the Canes so much confidence. And not to mention, Boston does have a recent playoff history of choking.

Actually, it goes back to 1971, according to some Habs fans. Interesting logic to be sure. But who can argue with history?

Anyway, back to this series. Ward's been playing excellent in net for the Canes, the defense from the goal on out has been outstanding, and those of us in Dallas can't help but root for a guy like Jussi Jokinen, who scored last night's game winner in OT.

That sound you heard in Boston was the sound of everybody's stress levels going up...

No, wait, check that. That's the mixed reaction to the news Manny was suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. As a Red Sox fan, I was shocked.

And then I wasn't.

Anyway, we're back to the Western Conference side of the bracket today as the Ducks look to take a 3-1 lead on the Red Wings late tonight. Before that contest gets underway, the Canucks take on the Blackhawks at 7:00 pm.

Predictions for tonight?

Hawks and Wings both even up their series.