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Patrick Roy offered Colorado Avalanche coaching job

This has been a relatively quiet offseason so far for the Dallas Stars. For the Colorado Avalanche? Not so much.

Despite not even having a General Manager and despite still having a coach on the payroll, former Avs goaltender (and NHL Hall of Fame member) Patrick Roy has been offered the job as the Colorado coach.

Former Avs star Patrick Roy has been offered Granato's job and is mulling over the offer, according to multiple NHL sources who are close to Roy. The Hall of Fame goalie could not be reached for comment Sunday night, and the Avs had no comment about the possibility of Roy replacing Granato. Granato has not yet been told he's out of a job.

Roy is currently the co-owner and coach of a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team, and the last I heard of him, he was getting in trouble for sending his goalie son after the opposing team's goalie during an on-ice brawl.

Did I mention that the Avs don't even have a General Manager? AND they still have a coach?

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