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A Proposal from Dirk Hoag (aka The Forechecker)

But before I forward this proposal to you, there's a video you might want to watch since I'm figuring quite a number of you didn't stay up to watch the end of Game 6 last night in the Red Wings-Ducks series.

5/12/09 - Pavel Datsyuk Vs Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski Vs Corey Perry (via WingsFights)

Now that you're up to speed, Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck posted the following proposal on Twitter a few hours ago:

A proposal: for nonsense after the final horn (#Ducks), allow penalties to be assessed which commence at the start of the next game.

Interesting to say the least.

Because as of now, Colin Campbell will catch heat if he suspends anybody from this fracas. Because, how could you do that to a team preparing to play a Game 7?

And on the other side, you'll have your group that will ask, "How can you let them get away with that?!!!!"

Quite the bind Mr. Campbell finds himself in this morning. Well, this proposal would help him get out of it. At least somewhat with the latter group.

While I'd understand if the league suspended anybody who was deemed on instigator in last night's shenanigans, there's just something that's not right about a key player missing a Game 7 because of a suspension or any games in a Championship Series.

I still haven't forgiven Stu Jackson for making Jerry Stackhouse sit in Game 5 of the 2006 NBA Finals.

But back on point, what say you to this proposal?