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Special Teams and Marty Turco

That's what Ralph Strangis attributes the results of the season to.

We've already covered the penalty killing and power play angles so I won't reheash.

Oh sure, there's the injuries as well. But the Blues were decimated by injuries early in the season, were mired towards the bottom of the standings in the West through the first half. But they've made one of the most impressive second half charges in NHL history thanks in large part to their special teams and goaltending from Steve Mason, who's posted a 2.51 GAA through 54 games.

Compare that to Marty Turco's 2.81 GAA and well...

You get the point.

Marty was lousy the first third of the season, atoned for it in the second third, and then backslid in the last third of the season.

I don't mean to pin all the Stars problems on one guy because as Ralph pointed out, there are other areas of the Stars game that could have been better but weren't. But what if Marty had not have started out the season so slow?

What if he had been the anchor of the defense, playing brilliantly in goal to buy time for the youngsters on the blue line to get their feet under them?

Well, could have, should have, would have's. Like Bill Parcells once said, you are what you are.

This is what the Stars have been and this is what Marty Turco's been.

The good news is both the team and Marty will want to get the awful taste of this season out of their mouths ASAP and will use that, I hope, as motiviation to jump out to a quick start.

And oh yeah, it'll also be a contract year for Marty.

BTW, I know about the waiver of the NTC for a short window this summer, but he's not going anywhere.