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Dallas Stars Co-G.M. Les Jackson: Sergei Zubov not likely to return

Dallas Stars co-general manager Les Jackson appeared on The Ticket's post-game show last night after the game, and spent a long time with the BaD radio guys giving his thought's on the team, the future of certain players and what the franchise's mindset is moving forward.

Mark Stepneski, who runs the excellent Andrew's Dallas Stars Page, has the recording of  the interview over at his site. You can check it out here.

Some of the key factors from the interview:

  • He doesn't think that Sergei Zubov will be back with the team next season, stating that while it would great for everyone if he returns the team has to plan and prepare to try and replace him.
  • One focus on the team is to find Turco a capable backup, stating that he needs to get back down to 55-60 games a season to maximize his effectiveness.
  • Said he has a lot of respect for Dave Tippett and thinks he's done a great job with what he had to work with this season, but he will be evaluated just like everyone else in the organization.
  • The team still has to decide on Jere Lehtinen's status for next season.
  • Jamie Benn will most likely start next season in the AHL.

There's much more on the interview so be sure to check it out. If I have time tomorrow, I'll update this post with a more detailed transcription of the thirty minute interview.