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2009 NHL playoffs first round wrapup

What an opening round of hockey that was. We saw two different teams overcome 3-1 series deficits, plenty of drama both on and off the ice and of course the obligatory highlight-reel goal from Alex Ovechkin.

While there were several big stories that came out of the first round, none hits more close to the hearts of Dallas Stars fans than seeing Jussi Jokinen score not one but two late-game goals for Carolina in their 4-3 series win over New Jersey. None was more important than his one-timer from the left circle with 1:20 remaining in last night's improbable comeback win in game seven.

Jokinen became a fan favorite in Dallas with his exciting shootout goals yet it was dissappointing that he never fully realized his offensive potential with the Stars. He was inconsistent at times in his effort and in nine playoff games with Dallas he had just two goals and four points. After being traded to Tampa Bay, he scored just eight goals in 66 games and was traded again this season to Carolina.

It's with the Canes that he has finally started to find his groove again. He's playing all the important minutes for Carolina and it's paying off. His two huge late goals were the difference in Carolina coming back against the Devils.

Here's the highlight of Jokinen's goal from last night:


Before the playoffs started, we here at Defending Big D submitted our predictions for how all the series would go. As it always is in hockey, some things you just can't predict.

None of us had the Ducks winning their series (although I like that they did), none of us had the Red Wings sweeping Columbus and all of us had the Hurricanes beating New Jersey.

Follow the jump to see the results of each series as well what our picks were. Tommorow we will post predictions for the second round.

Western Conference First Round


#1 San Jose Sharks Vs. #8 Anaheim Ducks
Fear the Fin | Battle of California

Brandon: Sharks in six.

Gravypan: Sharks in 5.

Derek: Sharks in 6

Final result: Ducks win 4-2


#2 Detroit Red Wings Vs. #7 Columbus Blue Jackets
Winging it in Motown | The Cannon

Brandon: Blue Jackets in seven.

Gravypan: Red Wings in 6.

Derek: Wings in 7

Final Result: Wings win 4-0


#3 Vancouver Canucks Vs. #6 St. Louis Blues
Nucks Misconduct | St. Louis Game Time

Brandon: Blues in six.

Gravypan: Canucks in 7.

Derek B: Canucks in 5

Final result: Canucks win 4-0


#4 Chicago Blackhawks Vs. #5 Calgary Flames
Second City Hockey | Matchsticks and Gasoline

Brandon: Hawks in six.

Gravypan: Blackhawks in 5.

Derek: Hawks in 6.

Final result: Hawks win 4-2



Eastern Conference First Round


#1 Boston Bruins Vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens
Stanley Cup of Chowder | Habs Eyes on the Prize

Brandon: Bruins in five.

Gravypan: Bruins in 6.

Derek: Bruins in 6.

Final result: Bruins win 4-0


#2 Washington Capitals Vs. #7 New York Rangers
Japer's Rink | Blueshirt Banter

Brandon: Capitals in six.

Gravypan: Rangers in 7.

Derek: Caps in 6

Final result: Capitals win 4-3


#3 New Jersey Devils Vs. #6 Carolina Hurricanes
In Lou We Trust | Canes Country

Brandon: Canes in seven.

Gravypan: Hurricanes in 7.

Derek: Canes in 6

Final result: Hurricanes win 4-3


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. #5 Philadelphia Flyers
Pensburgh | Broad Street Hockey

Brandon: Flyers in seven.

Gravypan: Pens in 6.

Derek: Pens in 7

Final result: Penguins win 4-2