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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Night 10

The thing that sucks about sweeps is when you get this deep in to the first round, you sometimes have nights like last night where there's just one game.

The result was very anti-climatic.

The storylines surrounding the game were not.

G5: Capitals 4, Rangers 0

First came the news that John Tortorella scratched Sean Avery for his stupidity late in the third period that gave the Caps a chance to tie Wednesday night's game.

Fortunately, the Rangers' penalty killers and Henrik Lundqvist killed off the penalty to give New York a commanding 3-1 lead.

Torts said it was all in the name of self discipline.

A few hours later, Tortorella had his own self discipline issue when TV cameras caught him throwing a water bottle into the stands and engaging in a shouting match with another fan at the Verizon Center.

What the cameras didn't catch, apparently, was somebody dousing a beer on the Rangers bench. I may hate the Rangers as any good Islanders fan should.

But there are few fan actions I can think of that are as dooshy as the beer dump on an unsuspecting player or coach on the bench. So I can't 100% blame Tortorella for getting angry.

Back to the game, if the Avery scratch was meant to send a message to the Rangers, consider it not received by Scott Gomez, who took an ill-advised slashing penalty just 76 seconds in.

Later, Nik Antropov took another slashing penalty 45 seconds into a Rangers' power play. Neither penalty came back to haunt the Rangers on the scoreboard, but it did show that the Rangers seemed be more interested in retribution against the Caps than elimination.

And the Caps were happy to oblige by scoring four goals on just 14 shots to chase Henrik Lundqvist after two periods. Which set up the third period where both teams combined for 44 PIMs.

So back to New York tomorrow afternoon for Game 6. I still suggest they have the upper hand. And we'll see if Avery learned anything for his sit down.

If neither he nor the Rangers did, I fully expect this series to come back to Washington for a Game 7.