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There is nothing better than playoff hockey

I'm a huge fan of football, both NFL and college, and I'm a bit of a baseball fanatic as well. I also follow college basketball and will watch the Mavericks when they're on TV. I can name all of the players on every Dallas pro team. I'd like to think of myself as well rounded sports fan.

I get into the Super Bowl, love March Madness and will watch the World Series each year. It's always great when you get a close game that comes down to the wire and you have a big finish.

But there is absolutely NOTHING that is more exciting, more intense and more nerve-wracking than playoff hockey. To be honest, it's been tough for me to really get into these playoffs with the Stars not playing and I haven't really watched much so far.

But after watching the Washington and New York game this afternoon, my interest has been instantly renewed. The game had it all: 1-0 final score, Simeon Varmlamov making his NHL playoff debut, awesome goaltending, great chances in the final minutes.

I didn't have a stake in the game, not really rooting for either team but I was held on the edge of my chair feeling the energy of the arena and the the nervousness of Capitals fans all around.

It's hard to really watch the playoffs right now for Stars fans, but if you're a hockey fan there is no better time of the year than now.