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SCP Night 1 Thoughts

Subject to updates as the night goes on since St. Louie and Vancouvery are in the third with the Canuckleheads leading 2-1.

  • The Pens-Flyers series is shaping up just like it did last season. Which obviously isn't a good omen for the Flyers. They should have taken care of business on Sunday and gotten home ice when they had the chance against the Rangers.

    But they didn't.
  • Yeah, Caps, I'd say you're in for a dogfight with the Rangers. I thought coming into this series that goaltending would be the difference, and it certainly was in Game 1.

    But not for the reasons I mentioned in my prediction this morning.

    No, Henrik Lundqvist was actually mortal in this one. But Jose Theodore was worse and that's why the Caps find themselves down 0-1 in this series.
  • OK, so maybe this playoff season will be different for the Devils. They had every part of their game going. Marty was Marty, the defense was typical of what you'd expect from the Devils, and Jamie Langenbrunner scored a goal.

    As for the Canes, I'm not really sure they even made it off the bus for this one. Paul Maurice better find that switch and flip it on. Otherwise, this could be a shorter series than I expected.
  • Chris Mason looked a little jittery early on in this one, but he just made a series of solid stops to keep it a one shot game.

    And I fully expect the Blues to take advantage of that here in the next 14 minutes to force the first of what should be many OT games in this series.

Lastly, I'll be in Houston for the next few days as one of my wife's cousins is making the horrible mistake of getting married. I'll try not to rub it in to her Houstonian family members that the Mavs kept the Rockets from clinching a division title tonight.

At least not TOO much.

From the hockey angle, this probably means I won't get to watch much playoff hockey while I'm down there. Which kind of sucks because I was really looking forward to seeing the Hawks first foray into the post season since 2002. I grew up on that team and the roar from the old Chicago Stadium. One that was most prevalent during this time of the year as the Hawks made it a habit of making the playoffs every year from 1969 to 1996.

Obviously, Chicago's playoff struggles since then have been well chronicled as they've made the playoffs only once since that streak ended. I don't think they'll ever get it back up to 28 years in a row of making the playoffs. But I expect this season to be the first of many playoff appearances for this young squad.