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Stargazing: Dallas Stars prepping for a long offseason

Quick note: the Dallas Stars officially have the 8th spot in the draft before tomorrow night's lottery drawing. They could move as high as 4th if they win (3.7% chance) or move down to 9th.

Now that the season is officially over, the front office starts the long process of evaluating the team, the coaches and themselves, specifically how they are running the organization.

Mike Heika talks about how Tom Hicks needs to decide whether his two General Managers, Les Jackson and Brett Hull. Should he keep them, keep one or the other or go with someone completely different.

Jeff Miller at Inside Corner breaks down some alarming numbers from this past season, which really sheds light on why we're not going to be watching the Stars in the playoffs. Most frustrating was these numbers:

In allowing 257 goals, the Stars tied for worst in the Western Conference with last-place Colorado. In giving up 27 more goals this season than last, that was the fourth-worst dropoff in goals against in the league.

Probably most damning is that the Stars’ goal differenial went from +35 last season (third-best in the NHL) to -27 this year. The difference of -62 was the worst in the league. Next was Montreal, whose change was -38.

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Dave Tippett will join Barry Trotz and Lindy Ruff as coaches for Team Canada in the upcoming World Championships.

Mike Heika gives a quick breakdown of this season, including his top 5 and bottom 5 moments in the season.

Five moments to remember
Oct. 15, 2008: Fabian Brunnstrom becomes the third NHL player to score a hat trick in his debut.

Five moments to forget
Nov. 1, 2008:
Stars' game with Boston unravels in a series of brawls, and Sean Avery picks up two game misconducts.

Mark Stepneski notes that there was some talk about Jamie Benn possibly signing with the Manitoba Moose as an amateur during the AHL playoffs this season. Problem is, Benn's Kelowna Rockets have moved on the conference finals of the WHL playoffs and it doesn't look like he'll get the chance.

Bob Sturm pens a love letter to Steve Ott, and mentions how if Brenden Morrow weren't part of the team then Ott would be his choice to wear the captain's "C".

Mark Stepneski breaks down  the cap and payroll outlook for the 2009-2010 season.

Speaking of payroll,
Jeff Miller notes that the team has hard choices to make about Jere Lehtinen, Sergei Zubov and Joel Lundqvist, noting that Lehtinen has the most legitimate chance of returning next season.

Tim Cowlishaw notes that the Stars are going to run into issues next season with a drop in season ticket sales. Well.....duh.