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Who to root for in the 2009 NHL playoffs?

As Dallas Stars fans, we find ourselves in an odd situation in this year's playoffs. The Stars have only missed the playoffs three times since moving to Dallas, so we're not used to entering the postseason without planning for a first round matchup. Plus, if the Stars have lost I'm too angry and depressed to get back to watching hockey for a about a month, and at that point the playoffs are over already.

Yet this season we we're resined to our fate a few weeks ago and have had time to adjust to the thought of watching the playoffs without the Stars participating. It's a shame too, since this year proves to wide open and with several "Cinderella" type story lines to go along with the games.

So as a Dallas Stars fan, who are you rooting for? Vote in the poll below to share or share your thoughts in the comments. I left off Detroit, Anaheim and San Jose since as a Stars fan there's no way you can rightly root for them in the playoffs.

Myself, I think I'm going to be pulling for the Columbus Blue Jackets for several easy to see reasons. Ken Hitchcock is the coach and has modeled his team in the same mold that won the Dallas Stars several division titles and a Stanley Cup Championship in 1999. Rick Nash is one of my favorite players to watch. And I can't see myself hoping for any other West team to win.