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The Shortest Playoff Update Post in the History of this Blog (aka April 12th West Playoff Seeding Update)

Why do I say that?

Because there's one game left that will determine the seeding in the West.

Last night, Phoenix' SO win over Anaheim prevented the Ducks from catching the Blue Jackets, who fell to Minnesota.

So it all comes down to St. Louis' final regular season game against Colorado. If the Blues win, here are your playoff matchups:

1) San Jose vs. 8) Anaheim
2) Detroit vs. 7) Columbus
3) Vancouver vs. 6) St. Louis
4) Chicago vs. 5) Calgary

And if they lose in regulation, OT, or the Shootout...

1) San Jose vs. 8) St. Louis
2) Detroit vs. 7) Anaheim
3) Vancouver vs. 6) Columbus
4) Chicago vs. 5) Calgary

BTW, that 4-5 matchup is unaffected by today's result.

And in case you're wondering about out East, all of those matchups are set. The only thing left to decide is whether Pittsburgh or Philadelphia will get home ice for their playoff series.

1) Boston vs. 8) Montreal
2) Washington vs. 7) NY Rangers
3) New Jersey vs. 6) Carolina
4) Philly/Pitt vs. 5) Philly/Pitt

The Flyers hosts the Rangers this afternoon. If they get any points out of that game, they'll get the 4th seed and home ice. Otherwise, Pittsburgh will conclude their amazing late season run by going from out of the playoffs to home ice in the first round.

Still not as impressive as St. Louis' last to possibly 6th seed, but still impressive nonetheless.

BTW, we'll have our own look at the playoff matchups here at DBD once they're settled.