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Jamie Benn vs. Drayson Bowman Fight

You may have seen Richard Durrett reference this fight over at the Stars blog.

Stars prospect Jamie Benn, playing in the WHL this season, got into a fight a few days ago.

But to see it, you have to read these instructions carefully. Click on this link , then click on the video link for March 4. There's a clock at the bottom (it's a regular clock, not a hockey clock) fast forward the video (button at the far right will help) until it reads 8:19 p.m. and enjoy. It takes some work to find it, but it's worth it.

Benn really takes it to his opponent.

Forget working to find the video of the fight. Here it is with a little video editing help from your's truly.

Hat tip to user, Kavuday, for capturing the original video and audio from the game.

As you can tell, Benn won this fight rather decisively.