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Final thoughts on the Dallas Stars (non)actions at the trade deadline

Well, the trade deadline has come and gone and the Stars unsurprisingly kept quiet. With some heavy wheeling and dealing going about the league right at the deadline the Stars decided to pretty much stick with what they have now for the playoff push. It's important to remember that the Stars have already made several very important trades this year. Daryl Sydor, Brian Sutherby and Steve Begin were all acquired for the Stars without having to give up too much in terms of future value.

The Stars probably had a shot at getting a young defenseman but in the end a player like that would have been much too expensive. The New York Rangers got Derek Morris yet had to give up three good players in the process. That's just not something the Stars need to do at this point in the season. There were rumors at one point about them being interested in Mark Recchi or Marion Gaborik but in the end the Stars stood still.

Les Jackson and Brett Hull did have one move up their sleeve, however. Brendan Morrison was picked up off the waiver wire from Anaheim, and is a player who should immediately help the center-starved Dallas Stars. He is a very skilled, playmaking forward who is a well-respected guy across the league. He should fit in well with the Stars and will play tomorrow against the LA Kings.

[UPDATE] Andrew's Dallas Stars Page has the clip of Brendan Morrison on CBC radio today talking about the trade. Great stuff so make sure to check it out.

Also, Daryl Reaugh has his thoughts up about the acquisition of Morrison, who just so happens to be his brother-in-law.

The team has offered to have us room or “billet” Brendan at our house for a monthly fee of $200 plus upper level seats to home games. Ya, I agree – Awesome!

This should be a blast. I am really looking forward to crafting make-shift bunk beds out of hockey sticks and spare pieces of 2x4 from the attic with him, as well as watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel together. And, just like Dale and Brennan [in Step Brothers], we too are enormous John Stamos fans (Or is that Stamkos?) so a Full House marathon is obviously in the offing.

What are your thoughts on the Stars actions today?