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Dallas Stars acquire F Brendan Morrison off waivers

Brendan Morrison

#7 / Center / Anaheim Ducks



Aug 15, 1975

2008 - Brendan Morrison 62 10 12 22 0 16 1 0 2 0 82 12.2

TSN has reported that the Dallas Stars have acquired Brendan Morrison of waivers from the Anaheim Ducks.

This is a great pickup for the Dallas Stars who are still looking to find ways to deal with the injuries to Brad Richards and Toby Petersen. Morrison is a classy, hard-working and versatile forward who can play in all aspects of the game. He has the playmaking ability the Stars are missing with Richards out and will be another veteran leader in the locker room.

He is also still recovering from knee surgery that has hampered him all season but has started to play better the past few games. He will count about $650,000 against the cap for the Stars this season so he comes a bit expensive, but it's a much better move than having to trade for a veteran player. Morrison should also fit in well with the players in the locker. He has consistently been the type of guy in his career the Dallas Stars like to have, plus he played with Marty Turco at the University of Michigan.

Morrison will be a UFA this summer, so he is most likely just a temporary player for the Stars this year. But great job to Les Jackson and Brett Hull for finding help for the Stars without having to give up any players, prospects or draft picks, which exactly what the Stars needed to have happen.

Mike Heika is reporting that Morrison will wear #11 with the Stars and is planning on playing tomorrow night against LA.