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Introducing the newest addition to Defending Big D

Now on to some Defending Big D business.

First off, I would like to formally introduce our newest front page contributor to Defending Big D. Please welcome Gravypan, who will be providing us with his own flavor of Dallas Stars coverage throughout the week. Gravypan is already a contributor to an excellent blog and forum, The Stars Fans, and I thought letting him give his opinion here was a great move in helping to expand our Dallas Stars coverage at DBD.

Our site here is barely over seven weeks old and has grown substantially since we launched on January 15th. Our daily traffic is nearly fives times what it was just a few weeks ago and Defending Big D has started to show up on the first page of Google searches. That's a HUGE step and it's thanks to all of you who read this site daily and support DBD by returning throughout the day for your Dallas Stars and NHL news. The Yahoo! partnership has been a big boost and in the next few days I'll be posting about an exciting new multimedia venture with Microsoft.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the Dallas Stars, the NHL or Defending Big D, never hesitate to email me at