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Richards Talks to Pierre LeBrun About Injuries Past and Present

Which is no big surprise.

He spoke at length with's Pierre LeBrun yesterday about the recovery from the initial wrist fracture back in February and his latest injury, which he is undergoing surgery for today.

A few key quotes from the story after the jump.

First, about the initial injury:

"I mean, if you saw it, you'd laugh," Richards said. "It was so stupid. I just ran into some guy, my hand wasn't fully on my stick, and it twisted and bent down. Right away, I felt a pop. I thought I dislocated my knuckle or something. I was playing around with it on the bench, and it kept popping. I didn't really feel pain, I just couldn't grip my stick. Then, it gradually got worse. So I went into the room to see what was going on.

"Then we eventually found out it was a spiral fracture. It was pretty hard to fathom."

Richards says he'll have a plate put in the back of his hand and the normal recovery time will four to six weeks. That having been said...

"[Stars center] Steve Ott had the same surgery earlier in the year, and he came back in three or four weeks."