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One Goal in 11:29 vs two in 1:09

I really don't think it's a great idea to be giving Dallas a lot of power plays tonight or we'll most likely lose.

Quoth Sean Zandberg from Nucks Misconduct. Unfortunately for us, he was incorrect.

BTW, nice job on the Mike Modano photoshop. Digressing, I can boil down last night's game to two stats.

11:29 to 1:09.

The first number represents the amount of power play time Dallas received last night. They scored one goal in that amount of time.

Meanwhile, Vancouver enjoyed 1:09 of power time last night. And they enjoyed it to the tune of two goals. Not to mention, they were still only outshot in the game by one shot (26-25) despite being shorthanded so much

And that, my friends, is where the game was lost last night.

Now why is that? Well from checking the stat sheet last night (which also shows they changed the first goal from Robidas to Neal), the Stars lost over 2/3 of the draws they took last night. Including 17 out of the 21 offensive zone draws they had.

That's the answer that the numbers have for us as to why the Stars power play has been so powerless as of late. But there's also an X's and O's reason behind it as well.

An angle that Brandon will look at later today.