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Dallas Stars morning news & notes

The Dallas Stars play the Caroline Hurricanes tonight at 7:30p CST. Check back here this afternoon for a full game preview. In the meantime, here's a look at news from around the hockey world.

Dallas Stars:

Around the NHL:

  • All three games in the NHL last night went into overtime, by the way.
  • Colleen Howe, wife of NHL great Gordie Howe, passed away last week. It was her idea that Gordie and his sons play together for the Houston Aeros, a move that brought big-time hockey to Texas for the first time.
  • Don Cherry is getting grief in the media once again for his outspoken antics. His response to his critics: "I say to hell with them."
  • Steve Downie's 20 game suspension (for slashing an official with his stick) has been upheld by the AHL.
  • Gary Bettman wants to meet with the NHL's resident heavyweight champion Georges Laraque to talk about the league's new view on fighting. Laraque, not surprisingly, doesn't like the crackdown.
  • In other important G.M. meeting news, TV timeouts after icings will return next season.
  • The Hockey News says that more instigating penalties will mean more big hits. So that's good, right?