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The Dallas Stars' season is slipping away after 5-2 loss to Blues

The Dallas Stars are slow, tired, mentally fatigued and have become a wholly mediocre team. Making the playoffs at this point seems like a very unlikely possibility.Sometimes a team just loses too many key players and they can't recover. This may have been one of those seasons for the Stars.

There have been some encouraging things to take away, even if a trip to the playoffs isn't in the cards. Loui Eriksson has emerged as one of the dangerous scoring threats in the league and James Neal is threatening to break out and become one hell of a dominating hockey player. Yet this team has some aging veterans that the team must make some hard decisions regarding their future with the team.

Have the Stars shown you any hope they can turn things around in the next 15 games? By my rudimentary math, I'm guessing the Stars need to go 10-5-0 in order to make the playoffs.