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Brenden Morrow, you are missed

The Stars turnaround this season from cellar dwelling underachievers to fighting for playoff position has been great.

Watching Steve Ott realize his full potential as an offensive and physical presence on the ice has been special.

Yet the absence of Brenden Morrow is tough to deal with.

There are several athletes that inspire you as you watch them play. Josh Hamilton. Dirk Nowitzki. Marion Barber. These players mean more to their team than just the numbers they put up on the scoreboard. They lead their team, whether it's with a quiet modesty, powerful play on the field or an inspirational story that gives everyone hope.

Sometimes a guy is the embodiment of the heart and soul of the team. That guy is Brenden Morrow.

This morning I decided to take a quick trip down memory lane and watch the highlights from last season's playoffs. It's amazing how many big plays Morrow made for this team, how he lifted them up and carried the city of Dallas on his back as underdogs against Anaheim, San Jose and Detroit.

Someone asked yesterday what Morrow's return in the playoffs could do for this team. Coming off an ACL injury, I'm not expecting an offensive explosion. Yet his presence alone will give this team an emotional lift that will propel them into the playoffs and there's no telling how far they can go with him.