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Sean Avery back on Stars' roster, immediately placed on waivers

Mike Heika is reporting that Sean Avery has completed his anger management therapy and as such, he is automatically back on the Stars' roster. The Stars own his rights so they really had no choice.

The team immediately put him on waivers and he is expected to clear by 11 a.m. Monday since any team claiming him now would pick up his remaining contract. There are some other options:

At that time, the Stars can assign him to an AHL team. They are working on which team that will be, but had not come to a decision on Saturday morning.

Once Avery goes to an AHL team, he will then try to prove he is playing at a high level. That could take two games or it could take three week. If Avery proves he is a viable commodity, the Stars can either try to trade him or bring him up on recall waivers.

If he is brought back on recall waivers, a team could get him for half of his remaining contract (which was a four-year deal for $15.5 million in the summer). The Stars would pay the other half and take the cap hit on it.

As already noted, the New York Rangers are reportedly in serious discussions to pick up Avery on re-entry waivers. Sean Avery's agent says team's should be committed if they put put in an Avery claim.

"That's a possibility that could exist,'' Morris said when asked if another team could undercut the Rangers. "Some team could have lost five games in a row or doesn't have their building filled and need some pizzazz added to their team. But you better like the player and you better know the player because you've just added 50 cents on the dollar for this year and $6 million to your budget over the next three years for a player you're not certain of. That's where the difficulty rises. You better mean it."