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Dallas Stars afternoon updates

Per Mike Heika, Darryl Sydor skated this morning and should be fine to play tonight. Fabian Brunnstrom and Landon Wilson both skated but are each a bit away from playing. Brunnstrom could play Thursday.

Mike Parrish is good to go but will most likely be a healthy scratch. The line of Modano, Neal and Conner are doing too good to break it up.

I also wanted to give this thought on the game: this game will be a much bigger test for the Stars than the Detroit game in my opinion. Detroit was struggling, the goaltending wasn't very good and the only things the Stars really needed to overcome was their fear of Joe Louis Arena. Calgary is a different animal altogether. They are hot right now (although the lost last night) and Mikka Kiprusoff is having a pretty darn good year, again. It will be interesting to see how the confident Stars handle this team.

Finally, takes note of the resurgent Stars and while its obvious it wasn't the only thing to go wrong, they say most of the problems were solved when Avery was suspended.