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Steve Ott suspended

Mike Heika is reporting that  Steve Ott has been suspended:

I just got off the phone with Stars co-GM Les Jackson and he said Steve Ott has been suspended pending a review Monday for his match penalty at the end of Saturday's 4-3 loss to the Ducks.

He goes on to say that perhaps the reason for the suspension wasn't necessarily because of the (incidental) eye gouging, but more because of the fact he was throwing punches with a cast on his hand. Rule 47:15 states:

Any player of goalkeeper wearing tape or any other material on his hands (below the wrist) who cuts or injures an opponent during an altercation will receive a match penalty in addition to any other penalties imposed, including fighting.

So let me get this straight. Steve Ott is involved in some, admittedly, rough action in front of the net as the last seconds wind down. J.S. Giguere then comes up behind Ott, trips him and swings at his head (with stick and blocker in hand). Ott  fights back against Giguere which draws the ire of Travis Moen. Moen proceeds to pin Ott against the boards, laying out punches against him.

Yet Ott fights back and because he has a cast on, he's suspended? Guess he was just supposed to let Moen pound on him with out raising a hand in retaliation. If you watch the video, Ott was doing all he could to hold off Moen who was swinging freely at Ott, landing a bunch of blows to his face. Perhaps the incident occurred once both players were on the ice.

[UPDATE] After contemplating this for a bit, this suspension kinda makes sense. Anytime a match penalty is given to a player it immediately goes under for review by the league. Match penalties are also mainly given for intent to injure. So the league needs to review the play and determine what sort of punishment should be given. However, these reviews don't just happen overnight, especially on a weekend (I guess) and the league suspended Ott until they could at least put together a formal review.

Is it fair? Not really. But does it make sense? Sort of. What I think is the biggest injustice is how Ott was found to be most at fault by the ref's on ice when it was clear he was ganged up on.

It will definitely be interesting to hear what the league's reasoning on this one is.

Even worse was how Ott had to face the Ducks alone. Sure, any other Stars stepping in would have been hit with a suspension too most likely, but come on. Dave Tippett agrees:

"I saw five of their guys jumping on one of ours, which is disappointing to see one guy having to fight all five of their's."

Here's the YouTube video, so make your own conclusions.