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ESPN: Sean Avery to go on waivers Monday.


The Dallas Stars are expected to put Sean Avery on re-entry waivers Monday, two sources told on Friday.

Any of the 29 NHL teams could put in a claim on Avery and owe him half of his remaining contract. He must be on an NHL team's roster by the trade deadline Wednesday to be eligible for the playoffs.

This should open the door for the New York Rangers to claim Avery, if they feel so inclined. Of course, based on the standings, there are 19 other teams that have their shot ahead of the Rangers. If a team does claim Avery they pick up the half of his remaining four-year contract. It would also open up about $500,000 in cap space for the stars.

This should also be the final step in me never posting about Sean Avery again.

Hat tip to Big D Hockey for the head's up.