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Stargazing: Some quick links on a gameday

The Dallas Stars host the Blues tonight at AAC. We'll have a game preview up around midday, but in the meantime here's some stuff from around the Stars' world. Also, don't forget about the Defending Big D field trip tonight.

Stars news

Around the NHL

  • Sean Avery scored a goal last night. Whoopidy-Doo!!!!
  • The Detroit Red Wings beat the snot out of the San Jose Sharks last night.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins squeeked by with a 1-0 victory over the Isles. Without Sydney Crosby! How??
  • Scott Clemmenson was sent down the AHL, despite almost single-handedly saving the Devils' season
  • The Sporting News takes a look at the buyers and sellers in the Western Conference.
  • Mark Bell was claimed by the Rangers. Is this going to change how the Rangers approach Sean Avery?
  • The Washington Capitals have their own all-female fan club.