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LOL: My new (second) favorite radio announcer

This is something that's been making the rounds across the internet and something I had to share with everyone here.

Randy Moller, the Florida Panthers radio play-by-play announcer has put together some of the funniest goal calls I have ever heard. Here's the story behind the zaniness, via Puck Daddy:

Moller and Dan Le Batard, who hosts a sports-talk show on 790 The Ticket, conspired on a little experiment this season: Callers to Le Batard's show would suggest pop culture references for Moller, and he would then use them during his goal-calls for Panthers games. The following video put together by Le Barard's producers shows just how far this experiment has gone, and how hilarious its results have been:

Randy Moller Goal Calls (via TheDanLeBatardShow)