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Dallas Stars late night notes

A couple of notes on a late Sunday night:

In the "extremely surprising" news column, Anaheim is getting beat by the Atlanta Thrashers 7-4 midway through the third period. At home. This is good for the Stars, since that is yet another team below them that won't take advantage and leap frog Dallas in 5th place. Vancouver is playing late tonight and is just one back of the Stars.

Remember a few weeks ago, coming off the All Star break, the Dallas Stars and Pittsburgh Penguins were named as two teams to watch as they make a push up the standings? Well Dallas has moved up to 5th place in the West and Pittsburgh is firing their coach.

Of even more note on the Dallas Stars side of things, Philippe Boucher is out indefinitely after having surgery on his foot. The Darryl Sydor trade is looking better each day.