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Stargazing: Picking up the pieces.

Well, the good news about that debacle last night is the Stars didn't have the floor immediately drop out from underneath them. They are still temporarily in 5th place in the West yet most likely will drop with Anaheim and Vancouver both playing tonight.

4 CHICAGO 54 31 15   8 70 181 137 15-4-5 16-11-3 6-4-0
5 DALLAS 55 27 21   7 61 166 172 16-7-4 11-14-3 7-3-0
6 COLUMBUS 56 28 23   5 61 153 155 18-9-1 10-14-4 6-3-1
7 ANAHEIM 57 28 24   5 61 159 158 15-11-3 13-13-2 5-5-0
8 EDMONTON 55 28 23   4 60 156 170 13-11-3 15-12-1 5-4-1
9 VANCOUVER 55 26 21   8 60 165 161 13-11-4 13-10-4 4-3-3
10 MINNESOTA 55 28 24   3 59 142 129 17-11-3 11-13-0 5-5-0
11 NASHVILLE 56 27 26   3 57 138 158 16-10-1 11-16-2 7-3-0

The most alarming issue is that the Stars are now just four points out of 11th. Dallas needs to figure this lack of focus and energy issue out quick, or things could get ugly real fast. The game tomorrow against Columbus is looming as perhaps the most important game the Stars will play any time soon. More on that tomorrow in Gameday.


Dave Tippett says he went with Brent Krahn in the third because he felt the team was relying on Turco to bail them out, and wanted to spark a different energy.

Mark Stepneski gives his thoughts on last night's game.

The Dallas Morning News has a good piece up about Brenden Morrow getting his rehab done in plain view of the team. He even takes his work on the road.

Andrew's Dallas Stars Page also takes a look at the standings after last night.

Follow the jump for player and coach's quotes after last night's game.

Apparently most of the player's declined comment after the game. Can't say I blame them.

Stephane Robidas:

They outplayed us, they were just a better team, had more jump. They executed, they played the game well, they played hard, they fore-checked hard and they did the little things and we didn’t do it. When you’re not willing to work and you’re not doing the details in the game, it’s pretty tough to win.

[Turco] played unbelievable. If it wasn’t for him, it could have been way more than that. He kept us in the game, he tried his best. You can’t rely on your goalie to win every game.

It’s really disappointing the way we showed up tonight and we’re not happy with that and we’re not proud of that. That’s not how we want to be perceived as a team, that’s not our team identity. Bottom line, we didn’t show up and we just got to realize that, get back at it tomorrow and get a good practice. We got a big game coming up on Monday in Columbus.

Brent Krahn:

It is a pretty big deal, I’m pretty excited. I didn’t see it going quite like that, but things rarely work out the way you plan them and you just got to keep sticking with it. The guys were really supportive, I would’ve liked to make a few more saves for them, that’s for sure, but it’s one game down and just keep building.

Dave Tippett:

You can count on one hand how many players I felt played to capacity. The goalie just happened to be one of them. Turco gave us some great saves early, but we didn't have enough players that thought this game needed the urgency it did to get the job done.

Turk recognized what it is, it’s just too bad some other players didn’t recognize it, some people who have the opportunity to make a difference. We hung him out to dry. I felt sorry for Krahn, to go in there and have that happen to him. Our team certainly needs a strong refocusing from a large group of players.