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Dallas Stars afternoon news & notes

Stepped back on the ice today for the first time in about eight years. Going to take the whole weekend to recover. Anyways, here some notes from the around the Stars universe as we gear up for tonight's big game versus the Canucks.

The Dallas Morning News has a story up about Jere Lehtinen's return from injury and how his presence on the top line is as invaluable as ever before.

Richard Durrett mentions how big the upcoming stretch of game is for the Stars. Sounds familiar, but that's cool. Durrett has been doing a great job on the Stars blog.

Durrett also has a cool, short Q & A with Brenden Morrow.

Q: When might you skate again?

A: I think some time in March. We haven't decided on a date, but some time in March. I'd like to get back in the lineup as soon as possible. But I don't think anybody knows for sure what's going on inside the knee right now. It will be the doctors and my decision when the time comes. When it feels comfortable and strong and sturdy and the muscles are doing their job. Right now, it's getting them unconfused and learning how to do everything where they feel good.

Mark Stepneski has a great, GREAT story about Brent Krahn and his struggles to make it in the NHL.

"It's getting better every day," said Krahn. "It's nice to be working with an elite goaltender like Marty Turco. He does so many things right that help make you successful. I am just here soaking it up, working hard and trying to be the best team guy I can be. The team's been great. The guys here and the personnel are unbelievable. I am having a lot of fun."

I'm actually pretty curious to see what this guy can do for the Stars in net, and I'm thinking he may get the chance this weekend. Although with Turco and Tippett, you never know.

Dallas has a story up about Darryl Sydor's third time around with the Dallas Stars.