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Happy Lou(i) Year! Stars Close 2009 With 5-3 Win Over Anahiem

Ok this is gonna be quick and dirty since it is December 31 and most of us have a new year to ring in, but what a helluva way to ring out 2009 huh?  Loui Erikkson picked up a hat trick, Brad Richards added a goal and a pair of assists, Stephane Robidas with an goal and assist...  All in all a very nice effort from the entire team leading to a 5-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks.

Honestly, I can't really find much fault with the Stars game tonight.  Now, maybe I'm just being soft because of the spiked Dr. Pepper I've been drinking tonight.  Or maybe it's because I'm tired of nitpicking when there is blown defensive coverage in front of the Stars net, like say when in the first period Saku Koivu was left all alone in front of a down and out Marty Turco to tie the game at that point 1-1... Oops.

It wasn't a perfect win by any stretch, but at this point are we even looking for perfect wins?  Why not just settle for a few pretty good ones in a row and work from there?  Lets just enjoy the fact that Richards and Mike Ribeiro were jedi-like out there with their passing.  Loui was firing from all angles - a strategy that proved effective when his second goal of the night squeezed by Jonas Hiller's pads and then trickled into the net.


Steve Ott was his petulant best tonight getting under the skin of multiple Ducks.  Bryan Sutherby saw some playing time finally and did well.  James Neal and Jamie Benn continue to bring energy when they step out on the ice. Even Matt Niskanen was solid back there on the blue line as were all the Stars defensemen.

Yup... I'm pretty sure I've had too much spiked Dr. Pepper because I want to completely overlook the fact Marty Turco was still flopping around in his crease too much tonight, had a couple of near misses handling the puck and gave up a softy early in the second period that gave the Ducks the lead.  Outside of those moments, he was pretty good as well and it sure didn't hurt that Hiller himself decided to give up a pair of soft goals as well in that period.

It's a shame we didn't do the best of 2009 list a few days into the new year because tonight's game would have surely made it.  All in all it's a nice way to end what has been a fairly trying year hasn't it?  Beating the Hawks and then division rival Ducks for a tidy two game win streak and suddenly hope abounds for 2010!

Isn't that what New Year's Eve is supposed to be all about?  Of course it is.  That, and spiked Dr. Pepper.  (Thank you Mr. Daniels by the way...)

From all of us at DBD...  Have a wonderful and safe New Year and all the best to you our dear readers (and to you Dallas Stars) in 2010!