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DBD Challenge: You Be the Dallas Stars General Manager

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All season long as the Dallas Stars have become one of the most frustrating and inconsistent teams in the NHL, I've seen numerous cries for change. Whether it's a question of whether to trade Marty Turco or the cries for a big defenseman, it seems to be unanimous that some sort of changes are needed.

When Joe Nieuwendyk was hired, there was no doubt that changes would come. He's not just going to sit idly by and let his team toil on as is; yet there needed to be a period of evaluation, to see how these players fit into Marc Crawford's system and who conforms to Nieuwendyk's vision for the Dallas Stars. After nearly half a season, it's a safe bet to say that this team is not the most cohesive and at times looks lost in Crawford's scheme.

Yet the potential is there. We've seen it, and against some of the top teams in the NHL. We've seen the Stars rise to the occasion and while this season has not exactly gone as planned, they are still right in the middle of the playoff hunt.

Now the question falls to you: What changes would YOU make as the Dallas Stars general manager? Here's the trick: you must make your decisions based on salary. This is not a fantasy league and you need to be able to maintain the current payroll with any move that is made. 

Here's a link to the Dallas Stars salary cap tracker (ours is still under construction); CapGeek also allows you to see the salary cap hits for each team on a game-by-game basis as well.

So have at it Stars fans. What would YOU do?